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My name is Katie, recently joined the 30s club, married, with one baby girl born in February 2018, have a B.S. in Natural Resources Management, and have a huge passion for creating a better world. I am also mom to two female fur babies, one cat named Killer and one terrier mix named Chewbacca. In whatever spare time I have I read, dabble in crafts, and attempt baking. I'm creating That Every Day Mom Life in hopes of providing other mom's a supportive community full of humor and shared ideas to help us through each stage of motherhood.
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Book Review – Evicted

“Evicted is a compelling non fiction read that puts a spotlight on serious social deficiencies that we have in this country…How far can you stretch a budget of $164 after rent is paid? Do you eat or take a hot shower? Should you short your landlord rent because your kids need new shoes?”