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From the first moment to the first birthday is 365 days of love followed by confusion, anxiousness maybe some depression, wonder, laughter, and tears.


From the first moment to the first birthday is 365 days of love followed by confusion, anxiousness maybe some depression, wonder, laughter, and tears.

These were the six major things I experienced repeatedly in the first year of my daughter’s life. I plan to break them down into six different posts because there is no way I can cover them all in one without it being too long for even me to read. All of these things are complicated emotional and mental processes that ripped out who I was before and created an entirely new woman. I have come so far in the past 365 days of motherhood and I have so many opinions and feelings on it that I want to share because each woman’s journey is her own but we can learn and thrive when we talk about real motherhood.

What is Motherhood?

Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Whichever path you have taken to becoming a mother doesn’t matter. From birth to adoption it is all painful in some way. The waiting, the wondering if you are doing the right thing, the desire to raise a happy and healthy child in a seemingly crazier and crazier world.

It is no longer having control over when you sleep, eat, shower, even going to the bathroom. There is now a tiny human that can dictate the every day tasks that you took for granted before. It is letting go of expectations. It is no longer being able to accomplish a task in one go (this is day three four of trying to get this post done). It is gaining a little sidekick who is entirely dependent on you. And that is scary and overwhelming.

Motherhood is being challenged by your child and yourself to achieve new levels of strength you didn’t know you had. It is also a profoundly human experience. Before we are mothers we are our own selves and human. There is no reason we should think we can’t make mistakes as a parent and have everything turn out fine. We became moms through a range of successes and failures. I know I can’t be perfect and don’t want to be. I want to teach my daughter that life is a journey and we take the valleys with the peaks.

All those women before me told me what motherhood was but I had no idea until I held my own daughter for the first time. I knew I would do everything I could for her but I didn’t know her. I knew I loved her but I didn’t immediately feel that bursting with love feeling we are told to expect…

Come back for the next Motherhood post all about love.

2 comments on “Becoming Mom

  1. Keith J. Oldknow

    Looking forward to future posts regarding your “journey”!


  2. I am loving watching your journey!!!


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