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Wholehearted Whole 30

My advice for anyone interested in doing Whole 30 is to go into it wholeheartedly.


As January is officially over I want to reflect on my first of 2019 goals. I made a list of 19 goals for 2019 and the first one was a mostly impulsive decision to do Whole 30 in January. I of course didn’t decide I wanted to do this until December 29th but you know with the internet and Pinterest anything is possible, right?

The Reasoning

My motivation for doing Whole 30 was to try to cut back on my serious chocolate addiction. If I had a rough night with little sleep, my child cried or screamed seemingly all day, or my dog wouldn’t leave me alone, I would glide into the kitchen, open my cabinet, and break off a piece of dark chocolate to help me feel sane. I don’t smoke, drink, do illicit drugs, or shop til I drop so I felt pretty good about this chocolate situation. Until I stopped feeling ok about it and came across a few articles about Whole 30 and the objective being to help change your mindset on food.

I also had been feeling like I was eating too many processed foods but too lazy to make snacks from veggies. My husband and I eat pretty healthy. I really do mean that. We don’t do pasta except maybe 3-4 times a year, no fast food, no frozen dinners, Amish raised meat, lots of steamed, roasted, or sauteed veggies for dinner type of healthy. During the day is mostly where I felt I was struggling. I’d eat graham crackers or fig newtons instead of cutting up a pepper or carrot. Not that those are the worst choices but again I was looking to cut down on the sugar intake.

So I more or less spontaneously decided to do Whole 30 without reading the book first and I think I did a pretty good job. Although I did not make it the Whole 30 days I made it to 20 and was impressed with myself! I’ll go ahead and get the negatives out of the way. The biggest thing is that I live in an area with less than great grocery shopping choices for veggies. There is no purple cabbage and leeks are a rare find. Most of it is shrink wrapped which irks me and the choices are meh. So for me Whole 30 got really repetitive. I developed a love hate relationship with sweet potato toast. Another factor was finding the replacement things like Almond butter without added sugar that didn’t cost a bajillion dollars. Frustrating AF. Those were my biggest complaints really.

The positive is that I did way more meal planning and cooking. Chopping veggies became an activity and I had some really yummy snacks. I felt more energized and didn’t feel like my mood depended on getting a “treat”. Overall it was a success for me.

I only lasted 20 days because a general lack of planning on one super busy day for me and my husband impulsively said let’s get sushi…and I was like YESSSS. That makes it sound like he wasn’t supportive of my endeavor but he really was. Sushi is just our go to meal when we haven’t planned. I lasted as long as I did because he would say “you don’t want that, it’s not Whole 30” so thank you Dr.KevBallz. By day 20 though I was feeling the burnout and not enjoying food which defeats the purpose of Whole 30 I think. I got out of it what I needed but I enjoy such things as oatmeal and avocado on real bread. Especially since I am still breastfeeding my little one carbs are my friend. I did definitely notice a surge in my supply when I stopped eating Whole 30 so I’m glad that I listened to my body and didn’t just tough out another 10 days just to make it the Whole 30 month.

Whole 30 was a great learning experience and I definitely want to do it again. I now own the book and will actually read it BEFORE my next attempt. I think better meal planning and recipe diversity will be a big part in making it the entire 30 days but for starting off 2019 I’m in a pretty good spot.

My advice for anyone interested in doing Whole 30 is to go into it wholeheartedly. Set your intentions and know why you are doing it and what you want out of it. Create a support system before attempting it. Learn from me and PLAN PLAN PLAN.

My name is Katie, recently joined the 30s club, married, with one baby girl born in February 2018, have a B.S. in Natural Resources Management, and have a huge passion for creating a better world. I am also mom to two female fur babies, one cat named Killer and one terrier mix named Chewbacca. In whatever spare time I have I read, dabble in crafts, and attempt baking. I'm creating That Every Day Mom Life in hopes of providing other mom's a supportive community full of humor and shared ideas to help us through each stage of motherhood.

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