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Goals vs Resolutions for 2018 and Beyond

]Goals vs Resolutions

Which is better to make, or does it even matter?

A goal has a specific achievement that you are aiming for, such as completing 30 days of yoga. Resolutions are meant to create a long term, permanent, change in your life. To be successful in either you need to associate an actionable plan though. This is why most New Years “resolutions” fail. It’s really a personal choice which one you should focus on or if you want to work towards both. I have spent the past couple of weeks researching and deeply considering my goals and resolutions so this year will be about both. We have big changes coming in 2018 and I feel like life has been spiraling lately so I’m taking charge now, at least in the areas I can.

How can you set yourself up for success?

Everyone functions different when it comes to living and it’s important to find methods that work for YOU. I’ve been incredibly lazy and lacking motivation for the last few years. My health declined, I moved from a beautiful part of the country to one with flat land and snow, haven’t been able to find a job I care about, and a myriad of other things. I’ve lost my self confidence and with it will power. Letting other forces guide my life has seemed easier. I go to work, come home, couch dwell, get annoyed, go to bed, and repeat. Of course there are many days better than others but it’s those bad days that hang on it seems.

Getting ready for this next year I looked at what areas are really holding me down both mentally and physically. Acknowledging these weaknesses allows me to be brutally honest with myself. This is the best way to find success with your agenda, finding the truth has a deep motivational power that is hard to ignore once surfaced.

What are the time wasters? What are your priorities? What are your hobbies?

Biggest time wasters are endless perusing of social media, internet sites (does Pinterest count as social media?), and streaming services…I’m looking at you Netflix and Amazon.

My priorities are family, our daughter who is due in early March, my health, reading, and organizing. Perhaps I’m nesting and my need for organization is exceptionally strong right now. I need peace before the impending chaos of a newborn.

My hobbies are reading, playing with our dog, video games, and watching TV. I’ve let go of so many of my hobbies that listing this section is depressing to see what it has come down to. I read about a lot of things that I would like to do like cooking, baking, reducing waste etc. but I get inspired for a few weeks or a month and then it tapers off. I seek consistency!

Here are my top five items to work on this year:

  1. I want to reduce my anxiety by living in the moment and meditating. RESOLUTION
  2. I want to be earning income from home by August. GOAL
  3. I want to cook and bake more. GOAL
  4. I want to exercise 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes. GOAL
  5. I want to develop better relationships by being more positive, calmer, and a better communicator. RESOLUTION

I will be breaking these goals and resolutions down over the next few posts and developing plans for what works and doesn’t work for me. I hope to inspire others or create a little community of support for people that struggle with life like I do. I aspire to create a better world but I have to create a better me to do that. I don’t have the energy of my late teens and early 20’s. Heading towards my 30’s and becoming a mom has been a reality check. I’m not happy with my life and that has been my choice to make. Blaming external factors isn’t good enough anymore. I don’t want my daughter to think that this is a way to live. It’s amazing how the thought of being responsible for a child makes you really analyze your own life.

Goals and Resolutions Post

My name is Katie, recently joined the 30s club, married, with one baby girl born in February 2018, have a B.S. in Natural Resources Management, and have a huge passion for creating a better world. I am also mom to two female fur babies, one cat named Killer and one terrier mix named Chewbacca. In whatever spare time I have I read, dabble in crafts, and attempt baking. I'm creating That Every Day Mom Life in hopes of providing other mom's a supportive community full of humor and shared ideas to help us through each stage of motherhood.

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  1. Beautifully written and inspiring. Thanks!

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