Buying my Business + A Review


What do businesses need to do to buy my business? 

I’m a Millennial and true to my generation I primarily utilize social media to find new products, read reviews, and interact with companies. Being almost 30 I have learned a lot about what my values are and like 80% of Millennials, I will return to a business that I liked. There are certain unifying trends among consumer groups, especially prevalent is being price conscious. Many are still recovering from the 2008 recession or are faced with a bleak job out look and a lot of student loans. I’m price conscious but I have also learned the importance of quality products and am slowly figuring out what to invest in.

So how do I decide where to spend my money? Research. Lots and lots of research.


Here are some of the things that I look for in a company:

  1. I prefer small businesses especially for more specialized products, like my skin care, makeup, and certain food products.
  2. Ingredient lists…an absolute must.
  3. Recyclable or non existent packaging.
  4. Certifications that indicate they care about the Earth and the people who make their products.
  5. Transparency, transparency, and some more transparency.

This is my wish list for businesses and of course not all my purchases come from places that meet all this criteria but for items I’m investing in I want to feel that my item is doing the least amount of ecosystem damage possible and I’m getting a good value for my money. It’s a tricky balancing act and not always a clear winner emerges. There’s one business that I have stuck on my brain who does such a phenomenal job at meeting all my expectations that I now compare them to all others. It’s at this point I will let you know that I am affiliated with this business, so if that’s not your thing feel free to leave or scroll to the concluding paragraph. For those that remain, let me introduce you.

Meet Argan Republic

It’s a small skin care businesses operated in New Hampshire, founded by Marissa Masterson, who seemingly has dedicated enumerable hours to crafting exquisite products from organic and wild crafted ingredients to benefit your skin. I found Argan Republic almost two years ago when I started searching for better skin care products. I’ve been a broke college student for more years than I care to admit but there was just something about the dedication in the creation of her website, ingredient list, educational resources, and the philosophy that made me splurge. I’ve had no regrets since.

The level of education she shares with you, the consumer, is phenomenal (and the way it should be). From the product’s description page you can understand that when it says each product is made with love, it is. Every ingredient is listed with at least a sentence or more description if it is organic or wild crafted, how it was processed, where it came from, and any other tidbits like what it’s primary purpose is. My true love is her oil based serums of which I have now purchased four. One was a repeat and one was for my mom but what I love about them is how a little goes a long way. I’ve also tried the toners and rose quartz roller. Everything I have loved and if you have questions about which products I have used feel free to ask!

My next step will be trying her masks of which there are raving reviews. Above the skin care benefits there are many other perks including a website that is easy to navigate, purchase through, and use as an educational resource. She’s also available through various social media channels including Instagram and Facebook if you ever want to send her a question. She’s engaged with her customers and takes the time to reply to comments as well as recently even starting a Facebook forum for us. Even the shipping leaves no complaints as there is adequate protection to items in recyclable or reusable packages and not plastic overload. In essence Argan Republic is setting the standard by which I want every other company to behave.

Businesses need you as much as you need them, if not more so. We make so many purchases in our life and are inundated with so many ads that it can be overwhelming to find companies that we feel absolutely confident in. So when I find them I intend on sharing them. Not because I might get a perk but genuinely because I support them.

I also want to know what businesses you love, not just skin care ones, any that you use for anything! The power of word is how small businesses survive and thrive so we should be outspoken about the ones we feel passionate about. You should be asking yourself what do businesses need to do to buy my business?

*If you want to check out Argan Republic here is my affiliate link and if you happen to find an item you want, well I thank you in advance for helping me support my habit too. As a bonus here is a free shipping code!*

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