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Lilly Ledbetter


Lilly fought her way to the Supreme Court for fair wages. Unfortunately she lost her case, after initially winning in the lower courts, because of the time that had passed before she filed suit against her employer. At least that was the reasoning of the Supreme Court.

Nevertheless she persisted. 

In January of 2009, after a decade of working to close the wage gap, Obama passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. We are obviously still fighting for fair wages for women and also minorities.

On this mother’s day let us consider how much a stay at home wife or mother would actually cost. According to Salary.com a stay at home mom would cost $112,000 for her approximately 94.5 hours of work each week. Now if you’re like me and your mom worked full time (plus extra hours at home since she was a teacher and that job never ceases) then you are probably wondering how she is still sane. It baffles me almost everyday and I don’t even have children.

So many moms are focused on everyone but themselves. This is why we, collectively as women of all backgrounds, need to raise each other up. Remember, when you’re fighting for your rights you are fighting for all of our rights and this should make us all feel empowered.

I’m lucky to have been raised by a line of wise and wonderful women starting with my grandma, my mom, and big sister. If I had the $112,000 to give to them each I would but since I don’t instead I will praise them, listen to them, treat them when I can, and most importantly persist in our fight for women’s rights.

Empowered women
You’re never too young for a strong will.


1 comment on “Lilly Ledbetter

  1. So proud to have raised strong, compassionate, kind and caring daughters. You’ve learned well the lessons of persistence. So thankful for those who have gone before us but taught these lessons first. So hopeful for those who follow us as they continue to persist. Stay strong!!

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