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Wearing Organic


Is cotton the fabric of our lives?

It would seem that it is. Cotton Incorporated revealed in 2011 that 68% of women’s clothes contain cotton and 85% of men’s¹. In 2016 the trend continues producing 104.2 million bales to be precise and utilizing 2.6% of arable land worldwide. The reason for discussing what impact cotton has is because it is the third largest user of pesticides. The largest ingredient in those pesticides is glyphosphate which is being studied as a probable carcinogen and is known to cause birth defects, endocrine disruption, and other ill health effects². On top of the human hazards these chemicals filter through the soil and find their way to our water ways. Conventional cotton farming, unfortunately, has a huge and negative impact on our environment. Damaged ecosystems lead to damaged humans. Thankfully there are now organic cotton clothing options!

Trying Organic 

This is an area I’m slowly moving into. And I do mean slooowwwwly. I can’t afford to just replace my entire wardrobe. Instead my plan is to watch for sales and start procuring key pieces to build a more minimal, stylish, yet long lasting closet.

However, I will say another alternative to creating a greener collection is thrift store shopping. You can find some great finds and your environmental impact is less. We waste an astonishing amount of clothing these days and thrifting can provide the joy of shopping and some beautiful items with a lot of life left.

Back to organic. It doesn’t use chemicals and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional. I recently purchased 6 new items from PACT Organic, a company that partners with Global Organic Textile Standard to ensure their supply chain is adhering to organic high standards, and fair trade standards for farmers and factory workers. They were having a huge Earth Day sale and I’d seen a few reviews so figured I would try them out.



It really is super soft cotton.

It is definitely softer than any of my conventional cotton shirts. What I was really impressed with was their sizing guide. I am never sure if I will be an xs or small and ordering online makes it even harder to know. Thankfully they have, what seems to be a pretty easy return policy, but I can’t attest to how good it is since everything fit perfect! I got three different styles of shirts in different colors and a maxi dress. The one that I wore today was the Shadow Blue Scoop Neck Tee.

This is an incredibly comfortable shirt because it stretches in the right way. For me that is across the chest but not becoming loose enough at the waist to look unflattering. It’s very versatile because of the solid color I can pair it with other solids or patterns, dress it up with a statement necklace, or go simple like below with a little pair of earrings. It’s nice enough to wear to work with a cardigan but relaxed enough I could wear it to dinner or grocery shopping. Essentially, it was exactly what I was wanting.

PACT Scoop Shirt_2

I don’t get perks for reviewing PACT Organic I just like to spread the good word. And along with the good there is normally at least some bad which I feel obligated to share.

What’s the downside?

Genuinely, the only thing I didn’t like in the PACT package was the package. It came in a recyclable box which is great but why is each item wrapped in plastic?! Someone please tell me. It just seems unnecessary to me, I understand wanting the garment to be protected during shipping but could there be a better solution than plastic wrap? I’m thinking so. Honestly though if that’s the least of my complaints I’m a pretty pleased customer since I can always reuse the plastic for shipping.

Keep an eye out for my reviews of the rest of my items as I wear them! 


1 comment on “Wearing Organic

  1. Nice research! Some of these things I did not know. I would like to move into “wearing organic clothing ” also. This article encourages me to get started with that sooner rather than later. Love your picture.


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