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Happy Earth Day

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My intent today had been to go to my local science march but my body rejected that idea. (Thank you temperature swings from 80 to 40 and chronic muscle pain.) So instead of marching in the local park I figured I could make just as big an impact (if not bigger) from the comfort of my couch with modern technology. Yet another reason to support science!

Earth Day is a beautiful day to remember the start of the Environmental Movement in 1970. Millions took to the streets to demonstrate their desire for a cleaner and more sustainable way of life. Big kudos can go out to Gaylord Nelson a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who brought about the idea of a nationwide education day after the Santa Barbara, CA oil spill in 1969. This was a bipartisan effort that set aside political affiliations for the betterment of the environment.



H.R. 861 is just one of the methods to demolish it. The real impact will be in the budget cuts. This agency is already ill-equipped to wholly fulfill its mission of regulating our air, water, and land.

We are talking about purposely neglecting our home. This isn’t a party vs party problem. We are all failing ourselves, each other, and our future generations.

Our society has this continuous belief that technology will fix our problems. Constant innovation makes it seem that way but there is a stopping point. Especially in regards to our finite resources.

Did you know that water is a finite resource? Many have the misconception that it is renewable since it works in a cyclical process, which is true. However, the water we rely on and, in developed countries, are accustomed to is a finite resource. The recharge rate of our rivers and aquifers can not sustain our lifestyle. This is a fact.

What can you do?

  • Educate yourself. Then your family, friends, acquaintances, and if you’re extra outgoing strangers!
  • Check out the EPA website. The Environmental Working Group. Or the World Watch Institute.
  • If you like to be politically active call, write, email your representatives about current issues.  Find your representatives here. Find a local organization where your voice will be heard.
  • Become a conscious consumer. Question what you need vs what you want. If you can buy quality over quantity. Check out the Story of Stuff to understand where our products come from.
  • Remember the 3 Rs. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

If you’re interested in learning more about specific topics I’d love to help you find resources if you aren’t sure where to start! As with any new project it’s about finding what balance works for you and what topics you’re most passionate about. There are just too many aspects of the world to understand to improve them all so it’s really more finding the balance that makes your life and the Earth healthier. So go forth and do good on this Earth Day!!


1 comment on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Great post today. Very helpful list of resources and ideas. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to “do good.” Happy Earth Day!!!


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