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This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I really didn’t start wearing makeup on a regular basis until about two years ago when I started planning my wedding. I realized I should get some experience before the big day. I’ve always tried to be conscientious of what I use on my body because my skin is prone to breaking out but I had never researched ingredients.

I was inclined to fall for the green packaging and natural label without really knowing what I was purchasing. Too often I found myself getting a product home and then trying to figure out what the ingredients actually were.

Cosmetics are confusing. Cosmetic ingredients are even more confusing.

The Clean Beauty Revolution is one of the answers to being an educated consumer. It is a trademark of Au Naturale Cosmetics which aims to rally support for the Personal Care Products Safety Act. A proposal by Senator Feinstein (D) of California and Senator Susan Collins (R) of Maine, that would require the FDA to review the safety of ingredients. Currently the FDA has only banned a handful of ingredients from products, in comparison the EU has banned over 1200. We are living in an outdated system in which we are harming ourselves and our environment.

My discovery of Clean Beauty and organic brands has created a passion for learning about clean ingredients and why we need to replace the toxic ones.

Organic beauty is on the rise. We as consumers are demanding cleaner ingredients and better treatment of our environment. Our buying habits are closely linked to ecosystem health and as more people become aware of this the more the cosmetic industry will change to our taste and the healthier we will all be.

Being a conscientious consumer is hard, it requires a lot of effort learning what the truth is and finding the products that are right for you. I hope to share my journey as I learn about toxic ingredients, what to replace them with, and how to lead a healthier life.

Be an advocate! Spread the word about the Clean Beauty Revolution and thanks for reading!


Also, PSA Au Naturale is clearing out their inventory right now so 50% off everything, t-shirts included! I’m only saying this because I love their products and philosophy. I do not get any rewards aside from knowing I am sharing a company I truly believe in.

I'm 27, recently married, and have a huge passion for going green. I have a degree in Natural Resources Management but an unrelated job so I am wanting to utilize the power of the internet to educate anyone who wants to listen about why the green movement is so important! I am also mom to two female fur babies, one cat named Killer and one terrier mix named Chewbacca.

2 comments on “Join the Clean Beauty Revolution

  1. Keith Oldknow

    Of course you know you are “beautiful” with or without “make-up”!! When I get dressed-up to go to my many formal functions( he said, facetiously), I will look to your blog for advice. Love Always, Dad


  2. Loved this post! Great info. Thanks


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